Monday, March 8, 2010

Emily's Shabby Chic Wedding Cake

One of the sweetest clients a vendor could ask for. Emily was so fun to work with. Very crafty and she knew exactly what she wanted. Her colors were pink and green and made most of the decorations by hand herself. The reception was held at Inspirador and it was so light and pretty. The cake was her version of a Jim Smeal cake, whom I LOVE. Two tiers were white cake with fresh lemon buttercream. The other two were white cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries in between each layer. This cake was also a challenge. The majority of my cakes are done in fondant and this was all buttercream. I forgot how fragile it is. One bump and it all goes downhill. I'm so sorry Emily for the imperfections;)
By the way, I will be posting more often. Lots of cakes for March and April!!!

Wicked Sweet Cake!

This cake was a challenge but I loved doing it. This was for a 40th birthday obviously. The birthday girl loves the play, Wicked so of course we had do put the play's logo on the cake. The picture was assembled out of fondant cut out shapes. You can see that the regular picture has no definition but on the cake, I had to create the lines and depths for the hair, their hats, robes, etc. Thanks Cara for the challenge. By the way, it was a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse and vanilla buttercream.