Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emily's Cake ... Part 2

I already threw some pics up of this cake, but the cakes ALWAYS look better when a professional is the one taking the pics. The photographer is actually a girl who grew up in the same area as me. Before, the wedding, I was setting up and she was taking pics. I knew she was familiar and as soon as she said her maiden name I remembered her family went to church with ours. Most of the people who check my blog will know her as well. Her website is but her maiden name was Swayberg. This wedding was way out in east Chandler so it was so random bumping into her. Make sure you check out her website and blog. She does amazing work!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Taryn's wedding cake was so fun to do. We found a cake online that we liked and tweaked it slightly to get what she wanted. It was a milk chocolate cake with the ultimate cream cheese frosting, covered in fondant and decorated with black royal icing. The toppers were hand made and I LOVED doing them. I was really happy with how they turned out (shocker, I know). The pics below are doen by Be sure to check out his website!
Taryn had amazing family and friends who were willing to make multiple Texas Sheet Cakes, the brides favorite. Doesn't it look sooo good??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Susan's Wedding Cake

This cake was for a gorgeous, creative bride. When I first met with Susan, I was so impressed. She had a huge binder full of all the little details a wedding should have. I fell in love with her color scheme and all the creative and unique things she was doing for her wedding. Because we both had so many ideas for her cake, we had a really hard time deciding on the final design. I think we were both really happy with the ending result.

We decided to do a fresh, and springy lemon buttercream on a simple, plain wedding cake. She opted out of the fondant and went with an almost rustic buttercream design. It was so modern...and so affordable;) We of course had to throw on a gorgeous pink peony and some navy blue ribbon.

The reception took place at the Scottsdale Country Club.

Amazing tables and centerpieces!!! Every table different!!!

Cd for the guests to take home.

This girl had a sweet tooth. Huge candy bar and goody table with flip flops and tons of yummy things to eat. Also, you can't see it in the pic but there was also a gelato bar! Notice the cute DIY cupcake tags.

The awesome dance floor...just a huge decal, like on your wall at home ( very DIY).

Sarah's Bridal Shower

The sister of one of my brides called me up and asked me to do up some cupcakes for the bridal shower she was throwing. She gave me full reign when it came to the design. These are chocolate cupcapakes with a rich chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream icing. She put each one in little take out boxes. How cute is that!! Hope you like.

Anyone Need a Good Laugh??

Just LOVE these cake pics!!!
Grosser. With ugly wedding cakes, come ugly wedding dresses.
Usually a cake topper is meant to represent the bride and groom. What kind of people are the ones who wanted this????

Green Wedding Shoes

These moist chocolate cupcakes were for a bridal shower themed around the bride's green shoes she would be wearing on her big day. I made the shoes from chocolate and you can't have a chocolate cupcake without a huge pillow of cream cheese buttercream!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This was a gorgeous couple that I absolutely loved working with. They were funny, brought great ideas to the table, and adored each other! They both looked great on their big day. These pics are done by the lovely Gina Meola. Take the time to check out her website. She does gorgeous work. We had a couple different flavors in this one... red velvet with cream cheese buttercream, chocolate with cream cheese buttercream, and lemon with vanilla buttercream. I hope they were happy with it. We had very different styles and they knew exactly what they wanted. I think it was a pretty good collaboration. Enjoy the pics. I think Gina did an amazing job.

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