Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspirador Open House

Ok. So tonight I did my first open house with Inspirador and it was so much fun. I had to come right home and post it so everyone can see how great this place is. It was so fun to meet with the great couples there and see some familiar vendors I met at the bridal expo. The first couple of pics with the blue background are shots of my display shelf in the Inspiration Lounge. Click on the pictures to see the details better.This is the cake I made for the open house. The theme was desert nights with a lot of blue and orange and teal. I did a dessert spread as well (which are becoming very popular for the bride who wants to give their guests a lot of variety) These cake bites were milk chocolate with peanut butter frosting and red velvet with cream cheese frosting.People had already started to nibble when I took this picture.The cool table at the entrance filled with gorgeous incense. The original fireplace in the courtyard. GORGEOUS!!!This courtyard is great for outdoor ceremonies or as a cocktail party space. Click on the picture and see the gorgeous grass covered wall.The ceremony room. The wall is covered in candles and the walk way is beautified with pretty poetry and loving phrases.The Bridal room.The Tryst art gallery... Awesome for an anniversary or cocktail party.Sorry about the blur, but this is the Inspiration Lounge from outside. See my cake?!?


  1. That is such a beautiful place and your cakes look delicious!!

  2. Very cool! Your cake looks wonderful!