Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emily's Cake ... Part 2

I already threw some pics up of this cake, but the cakes ALWAYS look better when a professional is the one taking the pics. The photographer is actually a girl who grew up in the same area as me. Before, the wedding, I was setting up and she was taking pics. I knew she was familiar and as soon as she said her maiden name I remembered her family went to church with ours. Most of the people who check my blog will know her as well. Her website is but her maiden name was Swayberg. This wedding was way out in east Chandler so it was so random bumping into her. Make sure you check out her website and blog. She does amazing work!


  1. I love the colors on this cake, so beautiful!! Great pictures!

  2. Just found this site, again. LOVE, love, love your work. AMAZING!