Monday, June 7, 2010

Lydia & Andrew

I spent a lot of time with this bride and her mother. We had a great time planning and creating the cakes for the big day. One thing she was sure of was the flavor. We had done a tasting and she loved the lemon berry. She was also sure it was going to be a huge wedding with lots of people. We ended up creating a simple but modern wedding cake and 7, yes I said 7, sheet cakes to go with it. They were all a dense, moist lemon cake (world's best lemon cake recipe but also most difficult and time consuming recipe) with a sweet berry filling and slathered in yummy vanilla buttercream frosting. Courtney helped me out with this one and we got to stay for the wedding and the banguet afterwards. Thanks family for helping me out with this one. Lydia, you looked gorgeous!

We did a rustic buttercream (not smooth) and put lots of olive green and deep purple fondant flowers to match her awesome invitations.This is ONE of the seven sheetcakes. They were huge and heavy but it's what they need so I was happy to do it.This is one of four of the humungo tables of food. It was all beautifully prepared and delicious. My lovely assisstant Courtney;)


  1. Seriously Kristen, you never cease to amaze me!!

  2. Something funny... you know the safety word you have to do when you post a comment... the one I JUST had to do for the last post was PASTRY!! haha!! I just thought that was funny and fit perfectly with your blog!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :) I wish I had more to eat! Sorry I wasn't able to find you amidst the chaos :P.